• Lily Garrett, reporter

Teens get hands-on experience in labs

Photo by Ahlyia Al-Birekdar/The Candidate

Junior Nathan Alpers measures the bounds of a simulated crime scene in Forensic Science in early September.

Forensic Science is a class that has labs three to four times a week and most of the time, unless it is a test or application, the students themselves get to decide and plan out crime scenes.

“They become the voice of the victim,” instructor Denise Scribner said about the class.

Students do this through a lot of lab work and tests like toxicology, soil analysis, chemistry and physics.

“The satisfaction of this class is watching these kids build problem-solving skills," she said about this hands-on class.

Scribner said the class not only teaches these complex skills but also life skills such as collaboration, writing, socialization and meeting goals and objectives, something employers definitely like to hear.

Not only is there plenty of science experiments to do, there are field trips to go on as well.

One field trip is to The Cave at the WSU tech division, where holographic simulations of crime scenes and evidence are investigated.

Students in this class can expect to meet guest speakers from the FBI, police departments and Fish and Wildlife.

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