• Lauren Hawkins, reporter

New class brings splatter to Tiger Nation

Photo by Lauren Hawkins/The Candidate

Junior Abby Reiswig conducts an experiment in the new class Principles of Biomedical Science.

The new class Principles of Biomedical Science conducted a lab on the cooling rate of a dead body.

The class came to be because a survey conducted by Project Lead the Way showed that a high percentage of students going to Eisenhower were interested in the medical field.

Science teacher Shelby Zoglman is teaching the hands-on class.

She said the first lab they conducted was to show the effect room temperature has on a body's cooling rate.

Students tested how fast blood cools after a person dies.

They did this by heating a simulation liquid to the normal temperature of blood in a human body and recorded the temperature changes as it sat out at room temperature.

Doing this helped them determine time of death on their imaginary test subject.

“The blood cooling lab was the first lab the class did,” Zoglman said.

During the lab they also tested what drug was found next to the body.

Junior Abby Reiswig said they did this by testing how the subject’s blood reacted when being put into the drug.

“We were trying to decide what type of drug was found next to Anna’s body," Reiswig said. "We were trying to figure out how she died."

Zoglman said she plans on doing many more labs during the rest of the school year.

Reiswig, like many others in the class, said she is taking the class to prepare for her future.

“It seemed like it would be a fun class to take and I think it will help me on my career path,” she said.

Senior Madolynn Rink is also taking the class this year and took part in the lab.

“It was a fun lab and I learned a lot of new things while doing it,” she said.

Rink said she has really enjoyed her time in the class.

“I think it is a pretty cool experience and others going into the medical field would probably benefit from the class,” she said.

Zoglman said she hopes the new class will be a permanent addition to the school.

“I love the class, I think it's super fun,” she said. “I think the kids have enjoyed it so far which is a good thing for me since I’m obviously new to it, so we're kind of learning together.”

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