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Admin takes school in right direction

September 25, 2018

     The Eisenhower High School administration this year has been pushing positivity, gratitude and service.

     A part of the EHS Pillars, gratitude and service are now the very base of Eisenhower’s principles.

     This is a great effort by the administration to create a positive environment and atmosphere of acceptance and positivity.

     There are plenty of examples of how they have already tried to push these notions, such as the morning gratitudes and the September 11th service day.

     Of particular interest are the 9/11 services, as they were something done in schools and communities throughout the nation.

     Called the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance, this activity began in 2002.

     Since then, large organizations like Habitat for Humanity have played a major role in service on 9/11.

     This year however, marks the first year EHS has participated.

     Teachers and departments at EHS did all kinds of things, like donating to fire departments, writing thank-you letters to people significant to them and even going to Explorer and Apollo Elementary Schools to teach young people about 9/11 through art.

     Whether large or small, these ventures are only going to continue to have a profound, positive impact.

     Even small, everyday acts of kindness can spread like wildfire, inspiring others to do the same.

     In a day and age where it seems as if people only care for themselves, these kinds of activities really flip the script when it comes to stereotypes of teens and of Americans at large.

     This day of service was an excellent project and the administration should continue doing great work by pushing and advocating for positivity and gratitude into the future.

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