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Classes go to migrant center to help out

Photo by Brilea Youngers/The Candidate

Freshman Weston Kukowski (left) and sophomore Kiara Pavlik talk with Zarin Shoity, In-Kind Donation Coordinator, about donations for the migrant center. “They (IRC) help teach the refugees, give them homes and they have a Care Closet that allows them to get things for free that they can’t afford themselves," Kukowski said.

Students in German, Spanish and Health classes went to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Wichita Sept. 7.

They went to the IRC for their Day of Service activity that was promoted by the school administration in honor of 9/11.

Over 20 students went to the center.

“We want to help refugees and asylum seekers because our country was founded on immigration,” German teacher Jodi Schendel said. “The IRC helps people who come here to escape famine or war, and we plan to send them donations.”

Students who chose to be representatives went to figure out what people needed.

The classes produced a list of items to bring, and each class will donate different items, ranging from hygiene products to household cleaning products.

There are a lot of babies and young children, so donations will also include diapers.

“I thought it would be cool to see the refugees and figure out how to help them,” freshman Weston Kukowski said.

Most of the families come from countries in Africa, and many families migrate to escape bad living conditions in their own countries.

The organization focuses on bringing families to a safer environment and providing a place to live, food, education and necessities.

Each family receives an amount of money from the IRC to pay for their rent and basic needs, and then they get a sum of money that they can use where needed.

At the center, there is a Care Closet that holds donations from churches or any people who happen to send donations that can be given to the families.

Donations that will be sent from the school to the IRC in October will be kept in this closet until families come to get the items they need.

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