• Amy Beliel, reporter

Classes clean up school grounds

Photo by Amy Beliel/The Candidate

Senior Kaley Best plants flowers around the pergola on the east side of the school as a part of science teacher Denise Scribner's classes' service day project. "My favorite part was planting flowers and being outdoors," Best said. "I think that by us all participating in this, it got us to come together as a school."

Eisenhower High School dedicated a day to community service in each class on Sept. 11, most of the service projects done were different and helped out in their own way.

While some wrote thank-you notes or made Christmas cards for retirement homes, science teacher Denise Scribner and her classes cleaned up some of the school grounds.

Her classes planted flowers, furnished tables and benches and tied up the hydrangeas around the pergola on the east side of the school.

Some cleaning up had to happen beforehand, such as removing weeds and dead plant matter.

“Flowers are a great way to beautify an area and promotes care for a small community,” Scribner said.

Every class helped pitch in throughout the day, such as the forensic science, biology and ecology classes.

“It was pretty nice helping the school and making it look a little nicer,” senior Alexander Holman said.

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