• Ahlyia Al-Birekdar, editor in chief

Students, staff give back to community

Photo by Emily Perkins/The Candidate

Sophomore Maddison Kelley writes a positive note to put on a lunch table for students to see.

On 9/11, the students and staff worked together all day to provide services to help the community and those around them.

Volunteer projects ranged from writing letters for elementary kids to collecting resources for a cause.

“Going in, some people were unsure about what the service day would look like,” Principal Dr. Christie Meyer said. “Overall it has been very positive.”

Different staff members used their skills and ideas to give their students the opportunity to participate in different services.

“In Baking and Pastry, we made doggy treats to donate to some of the local shelters,” junior Olivia Wenzel said. “I think it was really good and showed kids we can help around more.”

These services also promoted togetherness as staff and students all worked with each other to put a little good into their environment or the community.

“I definitely believe we have a family culture established here, and acts like this bring us together even more in a positive way,” Dr. Meyer said.

She said she found the day to be successful and if there were to be any changes it might be in explaining the purpose and impact of the day of service to students.

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