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Positive push starts year in Tiger Nation

Photo by Ahlyia Al-Birekdar/The Candidate

Along with doing a gratitude activity, social studies teacher Lindsey Keller reads out a student's anonymous five facts for the class to guess who wrote them. (Middle) In response to writing three gratitudes, sophomore Makena Chippeaux tells her class what she was thankful for on the first day of school. (Bottom) Social studies teacher Jeff Taylor reads out his three gratitudes to his class. "I just think things revolve around doing something you love because it is a lot easier to be grateful then," he said.

Eisenhower High School started the school year off with yet another new tradition: positivity and gratitude.

This tradition is designed to help create a more positive learning environment and to hopefully help give students and staff a new way of looking at things.

This idea on having more gratitude, positivity and giving back with service started over the summer when the three administrators went to a national conference in Chicago.

“A lot of workshops were about it,” administrator Eric Armstrong said.

He said after going to the workshops, the administrators decided this was something they wanted to implement for the upcoming school year.

The idea is to continue thinking of three gratitudes to start the day and over time, after about 21 days, this creates a habit of thinking more positively.

Before starting school, different gratitude activities were done with the staff designed to teach them some options for how they would like to introduce the idea to their students on the first day.

“The kids liked (the gratitude activity),” social

studies teacher Lindsey Keller said. “I could tell it was new or different for them and some things were repeated.”

A variety of activities were done that day to simply show teens the impact of being positive and having gratitude.

“I feel like it made the kids and teachers feel better and it will help throughout the year,” sophomore Makena Chippeaux said.

Another way to promote a more positive mindset is by simply doing a random act of kindness a day.

“If you think of the 970 or so kids in this school each doing a random act of kindness, that is a huge impact,” Armstrong said.

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