• Seth Hartter, executive editor

Students volunteer in community

Goddard and Eisenhower students gathered together in late April at the Goddard High School football stadium for a day of charitable work and volunteering.

The event, known as Neighbors United, began in 2015.

“Neighbors United is an event that came about from Eisenhower and Goddard students,” said Dane Baxa, Goddard Director of Community Relations.

For junior Matthew Peek the reason for the day was clear.

“It is to better incorporate everyone into the community and bring everyone together,” he said. “We did things like picking up trash in the neighborhood.”

The Young Professionals of Goddard and the Eisenhower and Goddard Student Councils began working on Neighbors United in 2015.

Other organizations from around Goddard also took part in the event.

“Neighbors United helps community members with projects that can’t ordinarily be done by city officials,” said Dan Funke, treasurer of the Goddard Lions Club. “The Lions Club provided $3,000 to the event.”

The event had a greater turnout than the 2016 inaugural event, which had over 300 volunteers.

“We had about 450 volunteers out in the community, and about 50 students to help out with food and organizing,” Baxa said.

Every year there is a prize awarded to either Eisenhower or Goddard High School, Goddard earned it in 2018.

“A golden shovel is awarded to whichever high school brings the most volunteers,” Baxa said.

During this year’s event, the date of next year’s was set.

“The next event is on Saturday, April 27, 2019,” Baxa said.

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