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Red Cross comes to Tiger Nation


Photo by Ahlyia Al-Birekdar/The Candidate

Junior Brayden Scott donates blood last Friday.


     The blood drive occurred Oct. 27 in the auxiliary gym, giving students the opportunity to donate blood during school.

     The blood drive lasted all day to ensure that every student who wanted to donate could.

     Blood donated is given to hospitals around the state to help patients in need.

     Patients may need donated blood for blood transfusions, blood disorders, or other medical conditions which require different types of bloodwork.

     A goal is set for every student who donates blood to help add up to an overall goal.

     “We have a goal of 470 milliliters of blood per person,” Red Cross supervisor Kayla Akins said. “A lot of people come because they know they are saving someone’s life by donating.”

       To help meet the overall goal for blood donations, at least 55 students were needed to meet the goal.

       Eisenhower met its goal and overall had 50 units donated, far surpassing its goal of 39.

       Students who donated blood made the decision to donate because they enjoy helping others. 

       “You can help save other people’s lives and make a difference,” senior Katelyn Smith said. “I have donated four times (in my life), and I just like the feeling of knowing that what I did will help others.”







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