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Tiger Nation witnesses eclipse



    The first total solar eclipse happened today and administration jumped at the chance for the whole school to witness the event.

    “It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” assistant principal Travis Rink said. “So it was important to us that the kids got to see it.”

     The entire school got out of their sixth hour classes in order to witness a near complete blocking of the sun by the moon.

    “It was memorable,” freshman Emily Perkins said. “Not too many people get to say they saw a total eclipse.”

     While this was a school-wide event, a few teachers decided to use the eclipse as a learning experience in their individual classrooms.

  “Stuff happens outside of the school,” science teacher Denise Scribner said. “Science happens everywhere.”

     Scribner’s students all made homemade solar viewers out of cereal and cracker boxes and used them, in addition to the solar glasses provided by the school, to protect their eyes from the eclipse’s harmful rays.

    “I prepared months ago for the eclipse,” she said.    

     While many students were excited, some considered the event underwhelming.

     “It is really not as cool as I thought it would be,” senior Cameron McGinley said during the eclipse.

     Others simply thought the event dragged on too long.

     “I thought it was really cool,” Perkins said. “It just got kind of boring after a while.”



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