• Sam Deabler, editor in chief

Smoke causes unique start to day

Photo By Noah Merrell

Photo shows where the smoke was coming from that caused the school to be evacuated.

The day started normally.

Many students were coming into school and settling in the commons when the fire alarms went off.

“I was just about to get breakfast,” junior Jeremy Buckingham said, “so I was pretty upset.”

As more students pulled up to the school they smelled something burning and saw police cars and firetrucks.

Fire drills are part of the routine at Eisenhower, but a drill had never happened before school.

This was no drill.

“One of our administrators noticed a smell in here (the electrical room in the counseling office) and saw some smoke coming from the door,” principal Dr. Christie Meyer said. “We then immediately evacuated the building.”

There was confusion from the students.

“I thought someone pulled the fire alarm on purpose,” Buckingham said.

Meyer said four backup batteries overheated and produced smoke.

There were no flames.

“We were lucky to catch it when we did,” Meyer said.

Every student was herded out of the building and when the situation was contained the students were told to go in the gym.

After all of the chaos the students still only missed about five minutes of first hour.

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