• Alyssa Broce, reporter

Musical brings new twist to popular movie

Photo by Noah Merrell

Senior Caitlin Shipman, during her Advanced Acting class fourth period, paints part of the set for "Shrek the Musical."

Everyone’s favorite ogre is back and on stage.

“Shrek the Musical” will run Feb. 9,10,11 on the EHS stage.

“So far it’s going well,” drama teacher Daniele Baxa said. “There’s a lot that needs to be done, but everything will come together.”

Shrek, played by sophomore Joshua Ferreira, said the musical has been fun, but it is kind of an overload of things all at once.

“The most difficult thing in this musical is the costumes and makeup because we’re renting costumes and the special effect makeup is new to us,” Baxa said.

She said her favorite thing about the musical is seeing new people show her what they can do.

“It’s going well; there are no flaws so far,” junior Ethan Volker, who plays Captain of the Guards, said.

“Shrek the Musical” is a little different than the movie “Shrek.”

The twist is all of the humorous songs and dances that were added.

The play brings all the beloved characters to life on the stage and shows that there is more than meets the ears.


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