• Trey Greening, reporter

Girls look for positives, search for win

Photo by Theron Truitt

Sophomore Sienna Chaney-Carter dribbles the ball down the court while she surveys the defense against Newton in early December.

One can see glimpses of quality play while watching the girls varsity basketball team, despite the fact the Lady Tigers have not won a single game.

This leads many to wonder how does the team stay motivated while trying to build for the future?

“As a team, we’re all really good at pulling each other up, even when it’s tough,” senior Mallory Miller said.

One can certainly see effort by the players.

It just appears the team runs out of gas during the second half. Many would say this is due to the fact that there is not a lot of depth coming off the bench.

“When we’re close, we just lose it,” Miller said. “We need to start putting all four quarters together. That just comes back to being an inexperienced team.”

The girls do not seem to be consistent throughout each game either.

“When we take care of the ball and when we’re not afraid to shoot, we do good things,” junior Macy Omli said. “We’re timid and we pass when we don’t need to.”

The Lady Tigers have come close to winning a few times.

“Winning is always the goal,” Omli said. “We want a win so we don’t go down as a winless team. Since we haven’t won, we are going to have to take on one of the top seeds in regionals. If we can start winning, we can build off that and maybe pull off some big wins in the future.”

Photo by Theron Truitt

Senior Mallory Miller makes a move past a Newton defender.

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