• Emma Hull, reporter

Tech team takes Tiger Nation global

Video clip by Noah Merrell, Sam Scott

In the high-energy and high-stress environment of a game that did not go as anybody in Tiger Nation would have wanted, the Ike Sports livestream team learned a lot while streaming the much-anticipated Tigers vs. Lions football game at Goddard District Stadium last Friday.

Ike Sports is a part of I Like Ike Productions, the journalism department at EHS.

“It was hard to put a positive spin on a game that was 60-12,” producer junior Samuel Deabler said.

Cox Cable was also livestreaming the big game, and there were some worries about not having enough space and possibly getting pushed out of the press box.

“We were able to get in there with Cox Cable and do pretty well for a situation we had never been in before,” Samuel said. This year, the Ike Sports livestream events are being sponsored by Harter Physical Therapy and the Tiger Nation Booster Club.

This means the IKE Sports livestream program is a money-maker where teens get real broadcasting experience.

“The first words that come to mind when I think of livestream are: fun, professional, aggravating and exciting,” executive producer and journalism teacher Matthew Deabler said. “There are so many technology issues that we have to work through. However, it’s certainly a lot of fun for me and the journalism students involved in the process.”

Technology issues are nothing compared to the great times and real-world broadcasting skills students experience and develop.

“Doing a livestream and watching football surrounded by my friends, you can’t get much better than that,” Samuel said.

Photo by Noah Merrell

Juniors Sam Deabler and Caleb Woodson check audio levels prior to the start of the livestream of the EHS vs. GHS rivalry football game Friday at Goddard District Stadium. "I think Sam (Deabler) and I make a good livestream team because we are good friends and we both really like sports," Woodson said.

Photo by Sam Scott

"The booth was very crowded with so many people in there," junior Sam Deabler said. "I think it went well because our preparation was pretty good."

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