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Science teacher earns presidential honor

Photo by Sam Deabler

Photo by Sam Deabler

Principal Dr. Christie Meyer explains to Tiger Nation about science teacher Denise Scribner's national award. Scribner won the Presidential Award for Excellence for Mathematics and Science Teaching. Tiger Nation gave her a standing ovation during the school-wide assembly in late August.

Science teacher Denise Scribner was awarded one of the highest honors a teacher can receive for her service to both the environment and Eisenhower High School.

Scribner received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

The school celebrated her success as a teacher on Aug. 25 during a school assembly.

The students cheered as her award was announced to the entire school. She then received a standing ovation from the entire student body.

It certainly was nice to see.

She was given the award because of her 40 years of dedication to teaching and for bringing new twists to education.

Scribner practices one of the most important parts of science which is innovation and many of her lessons are most definitely innovative.

Because of her teaching she has helped students to become environmentally conscious citizens.

This is so important.

In a world where many have forgotten about the environment, Scribner pushes its importance.

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