• Briley Tuckwood, executive editor

Old-school club brings fun, food

The new Canning Club was started by senior Gentry McCall.

“Mrs.(LaDena) Laha was canning one day and I remember liking canning a lot in Culinary I,” she said.

McCall said the process of getting the club to be official was pretty easy. All she had to do was talk to Laha about it and she agreed to sponsor the club.

For some students the club is about more than just the food.

“It was started in our culinary class and it started as a group of friends,” senior Micah Cash said.

Cash said he enjoys spending time with his friends while being productive and learning to preserve food.

He said there were multiple ways you could can food.

“You can use a water bath and submerge the can under boiling water for a certain amount of time,” he said. “Or you can use a pressure canner which cooks the food a lot faster.”

The payoff to people in the club is pretty simple.

“I enjoy eating the food,” McCall said.

Cash said with canning the options are nearly limitless.

“Mrs. Laha has canned cream cheese and queso,” he said.

Laha said she has canned butter and bacon before as well.

Cash said he enjoyed canning tomato basil soup and would like to can jalapeño jelly in the future.

Laha said she enjoys canning because it is a sustainable resource.

“I like canning things knowing there are no preservatives that are unhealthy for my family,” she said.

She is confident in the fact that she knows she will always have food.

“If I’m running short I can run down to the basement and grab a can of spaghetti sauce.”

She said canned foods make great gifts. She often has family members ask her for items she canned.

“Personally I think homemade tastes better,” she said.

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