• Trey Greening, reporter

Fall blood drive shows Tiger Nation generosity

Photo by Caleb Woodson

Photo by Caleb Woodson

The first semester blood drive, sponsored by Business Professionals of America and National Honor Society, took place in early September. There will be another blood drive at EHS in March. "We went above our donation goal for the semester," BPA sponsor Kristin Salazar said. "This is really a good sign."

The first annual Blood Drive of the year in early September was sponsored by Business Professionals of America (BPA) and National Honor Society (NHS).

Sixty-four students donated blood this year compared to the sixty-one last year in the first- semester blood drive.

Fifteen students were told they could not donate blood at this blood drive compared to last year’s 10. Some reasons why certain students are unable to donate blood are because they have a tattoo, high blood pressure, ran out of time, or they had a practice that day.

For many, the reason for donating was clear.

“I'm doing this so I can save as many lives as I can,” junior Grant Buchanan said.

For others it was also about projects and service hours.

“It's one of their service projects for Business Professionals of America that they encourage us to do,” BPA sponsor Kristin Salazar said.

Forty-nine units of blood were donated this semester to help the people who need it most.

For the totals on how much they received for the scholarship fund, BPA and NHS are waiting until next spring to share the results.

They will combine the first-semester total and with the second-semester total. The goal is to reach 52 units to get an extra $250 for the scholarship fund.

The blood drive also helped NHS students to get their hours they need for the semester. They could have worked for half a day (four hours) or a full day (eight hours).

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