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Class learns about velocity through experiment

Photo by Makylah Perez

Senior Lauren Sloss writes down the velocity of her car during a physics class experiment. It was designed to help students learn about velocity by using this hands-on example.

They are off to the races, and it is not at the Indie 500.

Laura Feldkamp’s physics students did a unique experiment where they used electric toy cars to learn about velocity.

Each group of students had two different scenarios, with different starting points. They put the car on the starting point and had intervals they had to drop pennies at.

“We went 10 seconds,” junior Isabella Villegas said. “We had five points and measured them and created data points.”

Her group dropped pennies every two seconds.

For junior Wyatt Webb the lab was more of a reminder of knowledge he already had.

“It was helpful to learn to get back into slope,” he said.

Webb said he enjoyed spending time with his classmates while having fun working in the hallway.

Villegas said she learned how exact science has to be.

“It taught me there are many factors in one experiment,” she said. “Small mistakes can cause a large mistake.”

Feldkamp said the purpose of the lab was to gather data to see how the position of the car would change as time went by.

“When we graph the data we determine the velocity by the slope of the line,” she said.

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